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Patty AyersWebDevBiz is owned and managed by Patty Ayers, owner of Ayers Virtual, owner of Carolina Web Solutions from 1998 to 2008, and creator of www.ThePattySite.com, a Dreamweaver resource site. ...MORE
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"I used your agreement form to contract a $3,500 web site job. I had already proved that I was the right person for the job, but it was nice to not look like an amateur business person when it came to reducing the promise to writing."
- Matt Biskup

Problem with your order?

Writing a Website Contract? Estimating a Website Project?

Professional Web Business Tools were created specifically for the independent web developer or small web design firm.

I've developed these forms in my own contract work with website clients, refining and polishing them over the past ten years of real-world client work. They're sure to give you more confidence and your web design business a boost.

Includes our 4 most valuable documents:
 Website Contract: A three-page, plain-language contract appropriate for smaller-scale website projects. This simple-but-thorough document has taken ten years and many revisions to reach this level of detail. Many valuable sources were consulted, and real-life mistakes and problems with clients have been turned into contract clauses. PREVIEW
 Estimate Request Form: To be given to a potential client in order to assist him in collecting and writing out the information you need in order to provide him with an estimate. PREVIEW
 Estimate Worksheet: On this form, we have broken down the process of planning and producing a web site into detailed parts so that the time required can be estimated accurately. NEW: Also included in Microsoft Excel format. PREVIEW
 Web Development Proposal: This brief but detailed proposal form provides an outline for describing the specifications for a proposed web site project. PREVIEW
  ALL DOCUMENTS ARE IN MICROSOFT WORD 2003 FORMAT and can easily be edited in Microsoft Word to customize them for your business.

Also receive these 11 useful forms and documents:
 Contract/Hourly Work  Client Responsibilities Handout
 Contract/Web Hosting  Fee Increase Letter
 Change Order Form  Response to Initial Contact
 Credit Card Auth. Form  Work Flow Plan
 Completed Template Signoff  Work Log
 Completed Site SignOff    

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"Patty Ayers' Professional Web Business Tools got me on the right track. I was able to submit a solid estimate that I felt confident of and have a contract ready for them to sign..." - Joseph Lowery, Author of the Dreamweaver Bible series | Read more testimonials

"Terrific set of information that will help get my small business organized and improve my client relations skills."  - Jeff Dagostino | Read more testimonials

"I just wanted to say thank you for your product. I recently got my first client and your contracts were just what I needed to promote a professional image. Thanks so much."  - Greg Goforth | Read more testimonials

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